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Things to do with friends on a boring rainy Saturday

Things to do with friends on a boring rainy Saturday   


It is Saturday, you are finally going to spend a Saturday with the whole group of friends and you have in mind to do a fun original activity. Today however, the weather is worse than it has ever been and nobody feels like leaving the house. Therefore, it has to be an indoor activity. Are you wondering what indoor activities you could do? Then read on! We have some unexpected but very fun possibilities in store for you.

Dinner night 

You may not be true chefs, but you can always try! How much fun is it to have a cooking competition? The group of friends is divided into pairs and you get to work in the pairs to prepare a course.  During dinner, you can choose who the best chefs are. It might be even more fun to invite other people who don’t know who made what. They can then judge who has cooked the best. The duo that cooked the best gets a prize. 

Shisha night

After your dinner or after you have made your own drinks, it is time for a nighttime activity. Have you ever tried smoking a waterpipe? This Arabic tradition, also called a shisha hookah has been known in our western world for a while now and honestly, it makes an evening with friends very enjoyable! When using a water pipe, you can smoke herbs through the pipe or fruit tobacco, for example. You can also try out different flavors, you can find these and other necessities at a Headshop. Try it out while enjoying a drink and make a top 3 of your favorite flavors.


Make your own booze 

Have you ever thought of making your own drink? It was once quite normal but nowadays it is really something special. Did you know that it is not at all difficult to make your own limoncello? All you need is pure alcohol, lemons, water and sugar.  In order to make it easier, you can find a lot of easy recipes on the internet. It can come in handy to have several bottles in which you can pour your home-made limoncello. When you make limoncello yourself, it takes four weeks before you can actually drink it. This means you have a new activity for the next fun day with friends.