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Stay Summertime Fine: Top Tips for Taking Care of Your Body in the Heat

Summer is in full swing, and we’re all enjoying the sunshine, warm weather, and fun outdoor activities. However, with the heat and humidity of summer, it’s important to take good care of your body. The sun, saltwater, chlorine, and other summer factors can take a toll on your hair, skin, and overall health. But don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered with some essential tips for keeping yourself healthy, happy, and beautiful all summer long. Plus, we’ll also introduce you to some amazing Dutch body care products that will help you take your summer self-care to the next level.

1. Drink lots of water

It’s no secret that staying hydrated is crucial to your health and well-being, especially in the summer. When the temperature rises, you need to drink more water than usual to replenish your fluids that you sweat out. It’s recommended that you aim for at least eight glasses of water per day, and you don’t have to stick to plain water. You can add some flavour to your water by infusing it with fruits, veggies, or herbs, which can also boost your energy, immunity, and mood.

2. Protect your skin from the sun

Sunburns, and skin damage are common in summer, but they’re preventable with the right precautions. Make sure to apply sunscreen with at least SPF 30 every time you go outside, especially during peak hours when the sun is strongest between 10 am and 4 pm. Reapply your sunscreen every two hours, or more frequently if you sweat or swim. Wear protective clothing, such as hats, sunglasses, and lightweight long-sleeved shirts and pants, and seek shade when possible.

3. Pamper your body with Dutch products

If you want to upgrade your summer self-care game, you can’t go wrong with Dutch body care products. The Netherlands is known for its high-quality, natural, and sustainable beauty brands that offer everything from skincare to haircare to aromatherapy. Some popular Dutch body care brands include Rituals, LUSH, Holland & Barrett, and The Body Shop. You can find a wide range of products that cater to different skin and hair types, needs, and preferences, and that use ingredients like seaweed, lavender, chamomile, or eucalyptus.