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Some good to know information about pipe fittings such as the 5D bend

If you don’t know much about piping but are definitely in the mood to learn, you’ve come to the right place at This is the specialist in piping products who know how to make it understandable for every normal person. A piping system consists of several pieces that are all of great importance. It is therefore important that each piece fits together and that you use the right pieces, so that no blockages or other annoying issues suddenly occur. This depends on several factors, such as the liquid or gas that needs to pass through the pipe, as well as what kind of environment the pipe will be installed in. All these factors can determine whether you need a barred tee or a 5D bend, for example. Don’t know what those are? Then will be happy to explain it to you.

Anti-clog and larger pipes

First, in brief what a barred tee is. Of course, you don’t want your pipe to get clogged when you clean it. That cleaning is also called piggin and it is done with a certain type of plug, also called the pig. With a barred tee you regulate this pig and it can be easily removed from the pipe without clogging it. A 5D bend is a bend with a diameter five times larger than a normal bend. So if you have thick pipes, a normal bend will not fit. At you will find bends with a larger diameter, such as the 5D bend, which are an excellent solution. It is also good to know that these are always in stock at the specialist.

Ask for more information

If you would like more information or have questions about specific parts other than the barred tee or the 5D bend, do not hesitate to contact the specialist.  In addition, you can also turn to them for cunifer tubes and any other types of tubes you may need.