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Save money? Outsource the purchasing process!

Who wouldn’t want to save money? Finding the right suppliers, negotiating prices and then approving and paying invoices takes a lot of time and money. It is also extremely error-prone. Invoices are often not delivered correctly and have to be entered manually. By outsourcing your purchasing process, you will receive one invoice from one party every month.

The benefits of outsourcing the purchasing process

The entire purchasing process costs a lot of time and money. Finding suitable suppliers who want to deliver according to the right conditions is a labour-intensive process. Invoices must be carefully checked before they can be paid. One-off invoices in particular are relatively labour-intensive and prone to errors. By outsourcing the purchasing process and making the other party responsible for purchasing and invoice settlement, you avoid these costs. An external party such as Corlido Group provides the best suppliers and takes care of all the paperwork. Corlido Group also pays all purchase invoices and sends you one total invoice on a weekly or monthly basis. This way you can be sure that the invoices are submitted correctly and you significantly reduce the supplier base.

The 3 different parts of the purchasing process

The entire purchasing process can be divided into 3 different parts. In addition to the entire purchasing process, you can also easily outsource parts of the purchasing process.

Pay Only

By outsourcing the invoice processing, you no longer have to worry about purchase invoices. Invoices are checked, scanned, booked and paid on time. You will periodically receive one clear collective invoice. This way you save costs by reducing manual, error-prone actions. With Pay Only you relieve the financial, logistics and purchasing department.  

Procure to pay

With Procure-to-pay (P2P), you outsource your purchase orders in addition to invoicing. You let another party take care of the entire purchase from your desired suppliers. By having contact with one party for the complete purchasing, you relieve the purchasing department. You also reduce your TCO by up to 21%.

Source to pay

Would you like to save even more on your purchase? With Source-to-pay you also leave the search for suitable suppliers to an external party. They provide a supplier based on the best commercial conditions, so that you can save even more on your purchase.