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Attractions to make your Ludwigshafen Trip worth the Visit

While tourist attraction like the Eiffel Tower, Disneyland or the Leaning Tower of Pisa takes most of the attention of the travelers all over the world, there are some tourist attractions that still remain unknown to a large mass, however, are an experience on their own. Ludwigshafen in Germany is a place full of such attractions you wouldn’t want to miss visiting in a lifetime.

Technik Museum Speyer

Tech freak? Well, Technik Museum is your place to be then. This museum is one of its kind with all the antique automobile collection you can think of. This museum sees a number of half a million visitors every year to see 2000 magnificent exhibits on display. It has an entire collection of vintage cars, helicopters, locomotives, military craft and much more. The collection includes BMW Dixi DA2, F-86 Sabre of the Royal Canadian Air Force and the Aero L-39 Albatros. This museum is so prestigious that back in 2002 Lufthansa its Boeing 747-200 aircraft and in 2008 Russian spacecraft  OK-GLI found a home here.


Hockenheimring is certainly a sight not many must have seen and is an ideal tourist attraction for motor race fans. While this track hosts many racing events, one of the most recent and the most popular ones was the Gran Prix in 2016. In the early 2000s, this track was considerably shortened as per the demands of the officials while the stadium area didn’t see much change. Hockenheimring doesn’t only get its fame from its beauty or the racing events but also due to the music shows it hosted of some of the legendary singers like Micheal Jackson, Pink Floyd and Robbie Williams.


This is a call to all the nature lovers! This beauty gets its name from the princess Luise Marie Elizabeth who was relative of the three German Emperors. This 41-hectare park is built with lakes that have Gondonlettas, an open air stage to host operas and musical shows, a Chinese garden, butterfly houses, bird exhibits, aquariums and a racing track. Luisenpark is basically a one stop solution to most of your recreational needs.

Heidelberg Zoo

This is one of the oldest zoos which has a foundation that dates back to 1933 and was open for public visits the next year. The zoo since then has seen many ups and downs. In its initial years, the place has gone through shortages of money that kept on worsening. It also got destroyed in 1945 due to bombings in the area and was not restored till 1972. The restorations included enclosures for sea lions, bears, birds, tigers and other carnivores. Recently, in 2010 it inaugurated a house for elephants for a breeding program of Asian elephants.

These places are what come together and make a treat for the tourist market in Ludwigshafen. So the next time you travel to Germany, do not forget to visit these places and be totally awestruck by their beauty and rich history.

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