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With the help of an electrodeionization module, you can easily purify water

Electrodeionization: it is currently the most advanced technology for ion-exchange. An electrodeionization module is a water treatment system for high purity and ultrapure applications. It is used by various industries for the purpose of water purification. Think about the power industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry to produce process water and water for research and laboratory activities. If you work in an industry where water purification is very important, you should get in contact with Deionx. They are one of the leading manufacturers of electrodeionization modules in Europa and can perfectly advise you about it.

The right module for your purpose

Electrodeionization is done with a so-called module, realizing a continuous process where the water is constantly purified without interference. Thanks to an electrodeionization module it is possible to remove ionized species from water, making sure it is pure for all kinds of (C)EDI applications. There are various reasons why this method is to be preferred as opposed to more traditional technologies. For example: it doesn’t need chemicals for regeneration! Whether this method of water purification through an electrodeionization module is suited for the application that you have in mind, depends on the application and finding the right system. The experts from Deionx are perfectly able to give you advice and more information about it.

Find a fitting solution

The branch and product knowledge enables the experts from this company to guarantee and offer you qualitative high-end solutions which meet your expectations at all levels. They offer several electroDeionisation (EDI) stacks of Iontech, E-Cell and Ionpure. Are you curious about what solution fits your needs best? The experts over at Deionx will help you find a fitting solution in the form of an electrodeionization module. Get more information on the subject of water purification from these experts by contacting them via the contact form or give them a call.