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Why ANPR is often used by law enforcement

A police officer’s job needs to be handled with a high amount of sensitivity, even more so when they deal with collecting information from everyday people in public. Mistakes will not be tolerated. This is why law enforcement makes use of technology like the automatic number plate recognition, better known as ANPR. With the ANPR law enforcement officials are able to collect number plates in a safer and reliable way. 

How is ANPR used by law enforcement?

The ANPR system uses special cameras to do the scanning of the number plates. These small cameras are placed on the top of police cars where they’ll have a good view of any vehicle that passes by. Once vehicles pass the police car with the ANPR camera on it, the number plate of those vehicles will be recorded in the form of pictures. These pictures will then be sent to a central database in order for them to be processed. The data from each number plate will be extracted and then saved. This data can be used as soon as it’s saved but it can also simply be left alone for it to be used at another time, or not at all. The uses for this data varies quite a bit for law enforcement. 

What are the uses for ANPR by law enforcement?

Fortunately for law enforcement, the ANPR system works very efficiently. So, they have access to a lot of data at a time, all that is very useful to their jobs. These are some examples of how law enforcement uses automatic number plate recognition data.

  • They can find vehicles that are reported stolen a lot easier with the data collected by ANPR.

  • They can compare the ANPR data with their criminal database to find any connections in order to observe and/or catch criminals.

  • The ANPR data can help law enforcement create intelligence reports about which areas they need to put more work into monitoring.

As time goes on, this system will no doubt become more and more advanced. The ANPR system is already indispensable to law enforcement, but with the future advancements it will be increasingly necessary for them to do their jobs better.