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Tips for choosing the right medical clothing

Hello owners of companies or decision makers at a company. You are probably searching for new medical clothing for your company. Yeah, it is that time of the year again. The summer is starting and let’s say that in September the new workload is coming again. And that comes with NEW yess BRAND NEW scrubs! So, how can you choose the right scrubs for the company? We would like to help you by giving advice. Are you ready? 

Know where to shop

The first rule is know where to shop! There are many companies who offers medical clothing in stores and online. But not all those companies offer the good quality what you are looking for. Medical clothes are not regular clothes, they have to wear comfortable, offer protection to the skin are have high quality. A popular and well known scrub brand in the USA is Jaanuu. This brand has different shops all over USA. However, is your company is not located there you must find a supplier like scrub-supply. And therefore you have to search online for the right medical scrubs supplier. 


When searching for the right scrub shop try to look for reviews. And actually read the reviews because there are a lot of fake reviews on the internet. 

Know what the company wants to represent

When you found a couple shops where you can order medical scrubs for the company, it is time to decide what kind of scrubs you want. Probably the company has a strict policy and ethics about work clothing. For that reason it is important to know that the company want to represent. Do they want basic colors that show formality or do they want more colorful clothes and a bit more informal style? Based on this you can figure out what kind of scrubs you need to choose. 


Try different colors, brands and styles

Now we are at the fun part of making a decision between different medical clothing styles. You now know where you want to shop and what the company wants to represent. Then you can choose the brand, style and color of the scrubs. 


There are different brands in the medical clothing world like simply-scrubs, Jaanuu, Koi and Life Threads. Dependent on the collection and the style you can make a decision which brand will fit your company and if they have scrubs for men and women. Some brand offer scrubs in more than only the basic colors like white and gray. So what do you think about scrubs in pink, black, red or yellow? Are those colors matching the company colors? If you don’t like all the different colors than it is also fine to choose a basic color and decide to embroil or print the company logo on the scrub.  Also for different styles women can choose if they want a pants, skirt or even a scrub dress. 

Only buy at a certified supplier

Before you decide to buy the scrubs at the shop you chose. It is essential to know if they are a certified supplier. Can they supply this year but also the next year and the year after? People in the company will come and go and everyone has a different size. So, you need to know if the supplier can supply the same collection at least 5 years.