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The new way of working

The new way of working or agile working is about a change in mentality and organisation culture. People can now work independantly from place and time. As a result, there is a change in the relationship between the employer and the employee.

Time and place are stretchable concepts. Employees can work from all kinds of places and can be present at different places in the world at the same time. Physically in one place, virtually in the other. Digital information is available everywhere. Workers are able to organize their working time themselves, and determine where to work.


Flexible Office concepts

The impact of technological developments on our way of working and on organisations, are as far-reaching as fascinating. The role of the employer and management in relation to the employees is changing and is more and more based on trust. Flexible Office concepts are needed for the new ways of working and to give the new generation of employees optimal support. This obviously includes an office interior supplied by Office Furniture Glasgow
The technological, social and work-related changes are followed closely and will be translated into tangible new office interior concepts. The optimal working environment is the result of the correct analysis of all internal and external factors that affect the work, the Organisation, work processes and ways of working. The design philosophy Life at Work is built on the certainty of constant change.

Office as a meeting place

Amos Beech developed several new office concepts over the past few years, including in Living Tomorrow, the home and office of the future in Glasgow. The balance sheet office is regularly applied. In this concept the office functions as a meeting place with desktops and Club lounge Desk tables to work on that also will be used for lunch. And individual concentration workstations versus open work environments with flexible workspaces, focused on communication, collaboration and meeting. All designed on the basis of assumptions about future ways of working.

The new way of working is constant change

The paradox of a term of the new way of working or agile working is the suggestion that it is a particular way of working, while the essence is based on change. The new way of working is about a change in mentality and organisational culture, a change in work, time and place, a change in the relationship between employer and employee. It does a great job on the confidence of the employer and at the same time on the self-discipline of the employee, which must find a new balance in work and private life.


The choice for ‘ the new world of work “begins with the question of whether a different way of working is right for your organisation, what the benefits are, and what that subsequently means. Agile working is not a goal on itself, but a means to perform better. Employees are able to do their work better, more flexible and more efficiently. For example by not wasting hours in a traffic jam, because they themselves determine when and where the work can be done best.


Amos Beech supports organisations throughout the process, from brief, research and analysis of the working processes to implementation, supervision and evaluation. Possibilities, advantages and disadvantages of agile working are identified, so that it becomes clear what the profit for the organization and the employees is. And what the consequences are for the new way of working, and for the adaptation of the working environment and the changes within the work, organisational culture and office furniture lay-out