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The best-selling Wild West rifles

Wild West rifles have always been highly sought after by collectors, with certain models standing out as the best-sellers. The Winchester Model 1873, often called “The Gun that Won the West,” remains one of the most popular due to its historical significance and reliable design. This lever-action rifle was a favourite among settlers, lawmen, and outlaws alike, known for its durability and rapid firing capability. Another top-selling model is the Sharps rifle, prized for its exceptional accuracy and range, making it the weapon of choice for buffalo hunters and sharpshooters. The Spencer repeating rifle, used during the American Civil War and later in the Wild West, is also highly valued for its innovative design and historical importance. Collectors today continue to seek these iconic rifles, often turning to specialised antique arms dealers to find authentic and well-preserved examples.

How an antique arms dealer acquires weapons

An antique arms dealer relies on a variety of methods to source authentic and valuable weapons for their inventory. Establishing a network of contacts is essential; dealers often build relationships with collectors, historians, and auction houses to gain access to rare items. Attending auctions, gun shows, and estate sales allows dealers to discover unique pieces that may not be widely available. Additionally, some dealers travel extensively, visiting different countries to find historical firearms. Verification of authenticity is a critical step in the process, involving detailed inspections and research to ensure each weapon’s provenance. Wild West Treasures, for example, uses its extensive network and rigorous verification processes to source genuine Wild West rifles, ensuring collectors receive only the finest items.

The benefits of purchasing weapons from an antique arms dealer

Buying weapons from an antique arms dealer offers numerous advantages for collectors, particularly those interested in Wild West rifles. Dealers provide a guarantee of authenticity, backed by thorough verification and detailed provenance, giving collectors confidence in their acquisitions. The expertise of antique arms dealers is invaluable, helping collectors make informed decisions and find truly exceptional pieces. Reputable dealers like offer a curated selection of high-quality firearms, ensuring that each item is both historically significant and in excellent condition. By purchasing from an established dealer, collectors can be assured of the value and authenticity of their investments. This not only enhances their collections but also preserves important pieces of history, allowing future generations to appreciate and learn from these remarkable artefacts.