Improve the safety on board by adding an accurate wave rader

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A safe working environment is especially important in the offshore and shipping industry. But how do you improve safety? The WaveGuide Onboard might be the solution for your business! The WaveGuide Onboard consists of a sensor and its own server. The sensor is situated on the bow of the ship. The WaveGuide Onboard collects, synchronizes and compensates the data. The sensor comes in an excellent price/performance ratio. Also, it basically has no maintenance, is easy to install and explosion proof certified. Therefore, this wave radar, developed and manufactured by Radac, is suitable for all weather conditions. 

Use a WaveGuide Level on your pipe as a wave radar

Using a wave radar for any offshore structure is probably the most convenient and safest way to protect vital pipelines out at sea. Where to get a proper one? Well, check the website of Radac. You can easily measure the motions of the water’s surface with two products. You can use a WaveGuide Water Level or a WaveGuide Height & Tide, mounted on top of a pipe. Both products are suitable for all weather conditions, they are perfect for solar energy and are reliable, durable and accurate. The products from Radac are perfect for rivers, bridge clearance, lakes and dams. The water level will be measured at the point where it’s mounted. The raw data and parameters even can be requested and displayed on a computer’s web browser!

A company who develops a wave radar for your business

A wave radar is a highly specialized piece of equipment. It measures the height of waves, when the tide comes in, and the direction of the current very accurately.

Radac manufactures and develops these systems. Radac is a Dutch company, based in Delft. The company has a wide variation of clients. For example; their client base is made up of offshore wind farm operators, port operators, oil companies, international project developers, shipping companies and governments. One of their most valued companies is the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management (Rijkswaterstaat). The company has developed several products, such as the Wave Direction, Wave Height & Tide and Water Level.