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How SEO can help your business

In March 2020, the Malaysia government gave instruction on the closure of physical businesses due to the COVID-19 issue. Unfortunately, the challenge is the same in Malaysia. Rising above the COVID-19 outbreak will change the perception among businesses and inbound marketing. Making use of inbound marketing tactics like search engine optimization (SEO) is the solution to assisting Malaysia small medium enterprises owners.

Based on the latest study, 98.39% of Malaysian use Google to search for information. With SEO, businesses can reach out to their audience due to the fact that search engine optimization functions as inbound marketing. It brings prospects to you rather than disrupting their shopping behavior with pushy sales methods.

Let’s use the real estate industry as an example. Malaysia’s largest property platform stated that the industry is regaining its growth slowly. This moment would be a good period to build pipelines for property assets with search marketing.

It’s typical for businessmen to doubt if SEO strategies are still working. The fact is that SEO is a long term game. A lot of the approaches and strategies have evolved. For instance, Google’s BERT update in 2019 lit a fire under Malaysia digital marketers and SEO companies to pay more attention to search intent rather than keywords.

With local SEO, you can attract prospects by focusing on users that are searching in your area. Google personalizes the search page results to your geographical area, thus, if optimized properly, your website can dominate the local search results for your industry.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a source of inbound marketing. Digital consultant from mentioned that in 2020 the Malaysians are very concerned about COVID-19, with main areas of worry being family health, own health, job security, the overall economy and spreading the virus to others. Because of this, SEO becomes essential for a firm to stay alive during this hard situation. Search Engine Optimization is easily the leading source of traffic for any website. As an example, if you manage an animal products shop and somebody performs a Google search for the keywords “cat food”, then you would want to appear first in the search results page, considering that the huge majority of clicks go to the top 3 or 4 organic results.

This inbound marketing methodology can be begun whenever you wish but takes real abilities and a commitment of effort to succeed. This is why most businesses in Malaysia that need SEO will choose to engage a trustworthy digital marketing company to manage this aspect of their business on their behalf. Remember that a strategic SEO requires planning on content optimization, onsite analysis, offsite campaign and good customer communication.

Although certain traditional marketing methods could end up being outdated, SEO is still working well. Whether you took advantage of SEO earlier or are simply starting, it can still be a leading source of quality traffic. Working with an SEO service provider in Malaysia is beneficial for locally based SMEs. By hiring the best SEO firm in Malaysia, you can maximize your reach and increase your brand’s credibility.