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Excellent petrol station lighting

If you wish to improve the lighting of your petrol station, look no further than the experts of Bever Innovations. This company from Zierikzee, the Netherlands, provides the best LED lighting solutions for any petrol station. Their work can be seen all over the world, in more than one-hundred countries. Whether your visiting a petrol stations in Foshang, China or getting your gas in Capellen, Luxembourg, Bever Innovations has brought light to these stations.

Brighten up your petrol station

Nobody wants to get their gas under the cloak of darkness. Most petrol stations, however, are open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Even if your shop or restaurant is closed, thanks to credit cards people are able to get their petrol anytime they want. Since a lot of people are at work during the day, this means a lot of them will get their petrol after the sun has gone down. To provide your costumers with the best user experience, your petrol station needs good lighting. Upgrade your business with petrol station illumination by these lighting specialists from Zierikzee, the Netherlands.

LED price displays

For a great display of your petrol station’s prices, consider Bever Innovations’ LED price displays. With their oval viewing angle, the I-Cather LED price displays are excellent to read, even under large viewing angles. The displays automatically adjust their lighting to the amount of ambient light, ensuring that readability is always optimal no matter the weather conditions or time of day. If you wish to adjust the light intensity to your own desires, this can of course also be done manually. Whether you make your prices pop with bright lights, or dim the LEDs to prevent light pollution: the choice is yours. The displays this company delivers can handle the most extreme weather conditions, from scorching heat to frigid colds. This way, your prices are always clearly visible.