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Enjoy Dutch snacks all over the world!

Enjoy Dutch snacks all over the world!

Are you looking for a good snack you haven’t tried before? Dipping your toes into a different culture can be a great way of doing this. However, this can be quite hard, as travelling isn’t an option for everyone. If trying some Dutch snacks is something you’re interested in, we’d love to introduce you to Dutch Expat Shop. In this blog, we’ll tell you more about them!


What is Dutch Expat Shop?

Dutch Expat Shop is the biggest Dutch online supermarket you can find. They have a wide variety of different brands and different products, but all these products have one thing in common: they’re Dutch. This is very interesting for Dutch people living abroad, but also for any non-Dutchman who like to try new things. As Dutch Expat Shop ships worldwide, there really isn’t any reason for you to stop yourself from ordering some Dutch snacks that look interesting to you.


What snacks should I try?

As you’ve probably already realized, Dutch Expat Shop have a giant product range. There are so many snacks to choose from, that you might even end up having a hard time. We’ll shortly introduce you to three snacks we recommend!

  • Stroopwafels: these waffles are stuffed with sweet syrup, that together make for an awesome combination of flavors.

  • Poffertjes: small, Dutch pancakes that make for a great meal. Eat them with butter, sugar or chocolate and you’re in for a treat! 

  • Tompouce: this is a small Dutch cake, that has a crispy crust topped with some sweet glaze. Tompouces are often eaten to celebrate something, but are also a very enjoyable snack to eat at any time. 


Try it yourself!

Of course, there’s nothing better than trying these Dutch snacks yourself. The three snacks we just listed are only a small bite out of all the snacks you can find at Dutch Expat Shop. We recommend trying as many snacks as you want. But, beware! Once you’ve eaten too many snacks, it might be very hard to resist a flight to the Netherlands to experience them in real life.