Buy all of your favorite Dutch food online

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A lot of people love The Netherlands for different kind of reasons. Some do because of the beautiful gardens and cute little towns, some because of the people and others because of the food. Stroopwafels, cheese and licorice are heavily adored by a lot of people from all over the world. Are you one of those people? Then we have a way for you to get your hands of some the most amazing Dutch foods and other Dutch products, without leaving your house! At Real Dutch Food you can buy all your favorite products from this little country online.

No less than 3200 items from The Netherlands available

Do you want to buy your favorite Dutch products online at Real Dutch Food? Then you will have no less than 3200 items to choose from. This specialist has almost every popular Dutch food brand in their assortment and even some non-food products, like cleaning products and children books. If you want to buy some of these products online, you can add them to your shopping cart and let them be delivered to your home country, wherever in the world that may be. Keep in mind that the shipping can take some time.

The famous dairy products

One of the most famous foods from The Netherlands is cheese, but the other dairy products are amazing as well. Buy some milk and butter for example or try the chocolate milk or the delicious desserts that this country has to offer.

Add the products you want to your order to your shopping cart

Whatever your preferences are, at Real Dutch Food you will definitely find some products that you want to order online. Order them directly by adding them to your shopping cart or contact the experts of Real Dutch Food first if you have any questions regarding the product or the shipping.